The Time Saving Option to Choose the Best Wallpaper

Believe it or not, there is hardly any limit to the possible applications of modern wallpapers. Thanks to the high technology with which they are produced, the wallpapers can also be applied in environments that were once unthinkable. This is the case with outdoor wallpapers, or the Wet System by Wall and Decor, which allows you to apply wallpaper even inside a shower.

What about Wallpaper in the Kitchen?

Even for a very lived-in environment, such as the kitchen, there is the possibility of covering the wall with wallpaper Singapore. These wallpapers are perfect in every sense. So you can get the best of the lot now.

Not only the area dedicated to the dining table, but also the wall against which the kitchen rests, can be covered with wallpaper; as long as it meets specific technical requirements that make it adequate and practical.

Password: Waterproofing.

The wallpaper Singapore in the kitchen must be waterproof and resistant. The performances must guarantee good results in humid environments and the wash ability allow sanitizing the kitchen environment.

Furthermore, given the very low thickness, the wallpaper can also be applied over existing ceramic coverings. In this case, a special smoothing primer (or primer) must be applied first. Once dry, we will proceed with the application of the specific glue for this type of vinyl papers. To finish the installation correctly, a protective finish is also provided to put on top of the paper.

New Wallpaper Trends

Even if the subjects with a culinary theme always remain the most popular for wallpaper in the kitchen, this does not prevent you from characterizing your choice with a completely personal style. So for an industrial look you can choose a brick effect, or a forest of leaves, if your desire is called “jungle”.